We keep it Safe

Because we not only focus on offering, but also manage the distribution ourself, we ensure our customers quality and freshness. We achieve this by minimizing storage and transit. We also have our own Custom Facilities department, which means that our products do not lose time on customs procedures.


Primarily, we focus on Suriname and the Caribbean. But because we have built up a large network of suppliers and transport lines over the years, we import and export worldwide.

Quality Control

Various quality checks are carried out throughout the transit process. These start with the producer and end with you. This way you get what we promise you: the highest quality at the best price.

Sales and advice

Our sales & advisory department is an expert in responding to supply and demand in the market. We also know all ins and outs in the field of import and export through our years of experience.


With the many cultures in the Netherlands, the need for new tastes is growing. SAFE BV is focused on meeting this need.


SAFE BV not only brings the multicultural taste to the Netherlands, but also brings the Dutch taste to the rest of the world.

Taste The Tropics!

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