Fruits and vegetables

Became big by staying fresh

We can proudly say that we are one of the largest importers of fresh Surinamese fruit and vegetables. We have worked hard for that and we continue to do our best for it. Twice a week we receive our fruit and vegetables super fresh from Suriname and other parts of the world. Once the vegetables and fruit arrive, we carefully check them for quality and freshness. Then they are distributed as quickly as possible. Freshness and quality are just two important aspects for success. The third is a wide product range. You will certainly find this at SAFE BV. A small selection from the assortment: kouseband ( long beans ), sopropo( bitter melon ), antroewa, okra, tayerblad, madame jeanette peppers, cassava, sweet potatoes, ginger, laos etc.

If you have any questions about our fresh exotic fruit and vegetables, please contact us?

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