South American Food Express BV

About Us

South American Food Express BV (SAFE BV) is a full-service wholesaler and distributor that focuses on the business market. We import authentic exotic foods and drinks from South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Furthermore, we take care of the export of Dutch products abroad. SAFE BV is known for its fast delivery, A-quality, daily fresh products, a wide range of products and our advisory role towards our customers.

<strong>Fresh fruit and vegetables</strong>
<strong>Deliveries per day</strong>


With our surprising assortment of high quality products, our goal is to enrich the Netherlands with the different flavors of the various cultures that live in it.. The demand for a new taste experience has increased enormously in recent years. We can meet this demand through our customer-oriented organization, established distribution networks and the recruitment of new agencies.

Some of our customers

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